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Best 7 Work-from-Home Jobs for Retirees To Make Money Online



Best 7 Work-from-Home Jobs for Retirees To Make Money Online

When it comes to being retired being able to live a comfortable life is my top priority. The reality for some retirees is that once you leave the workforce you still want to be active and be able to contribute to household expenses or just need to make some much-needed extra income.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online…

You realize that the family is all grown up and left home and you now have some extra time to consider a side hustle or a part-time job. This is where you can find options for work from home jobs for retirees.

According to a FlexJobs survey, around 70% approaching or in retirement continue to work to pay for basic necessities while 59% just enjoy working.

There are so many work from home options for retirees due to past experience, knowledge and skills and the advantage is you can choose to work as many or as few hours you wish and set your own flexible working hours.

So in between your downtime and your hobbies you can find some excellent ways to make money in retirement. Here’s a list of some of the best work at home jobs for retirees.

Best 7 Work from Home Jobs for Retirees

If you previously worked as an accountant or bookkeeper there is nothing stopping you from continuing this job from home. Many small to medium businesses require someone to reconcile their books, assist with payroll, and add account payable and receivable entries. 

There are a number of companies recruiting for remote full-time or part-time bookkeepers. You can find a selection of at home bookkeeping and accounting opportunities with companies like Bookminders,

A very lucrative service that you can provide as a retiree if you have senior-level experience is to provide an at home consultancy service. You can set your own hours with very favorable rates sharing your expertise and giving advice to small businesses, startups and companies. You could even offer your services to your previous employer.

Online Tutor

Are you a retired school teacher? There are quite a few online tutoring platforms that are looking for someone like you. VIPKid is always recruiting for qualified tutors to teach English to Chinese students online.

If you have considered teaching English as an option but do not have the experience you can still offer this service through Cambly. You can hold conversations with students around the world so that they can learn English. The rate of pay is lower than VIPKid but it is still a very viable option to make extra income.

This is the perfect work at home job for a retiree if you have fast and accurate typing. No need for phone conversations just correspond through email and transcribe whatever audio or video you are sent.

With the explosion of vlogs and podcasts, transcription is always in demand and there are a number of companies that offer global transcription opportunities for experts and complete beginners.

Job opportunities are available through popular transcription sites like GoTranscript, Rev, TranscribeMe, Transcription Hub. A great way to start earning from home.

If you have an eagle eye and excellent grammar you could in your spare time be proofreading documents, ebooks, technical journals, and fictional novels. Companies like are always on the lookout for qualified people to join their team.

You could also help out within the legal profession by providing a proofreading service to court reporters. This is quite a lucrative way for retirees to make some extra cash and you can set your own hours.

Customer Service Representative

If you enjoy dealing with the public and a great communicator you can find a remote customer service rep position with a number of business owners. You can use membership sites like FlexJobs to see which flexible part-time or full-time jobs are available now.

Sell Items

You could sell items on Etsy the popular craft site. The great thing about this selling platform is that you can sell both physical or digital items. So if you have a hobby like sewing, crocheting, calligraphy you can create handmade items to sell. For the digital market, you can create your artwork and sell them as printables instead which is a lot easier as you only have to create them once.

You can even sell items that you have collected over the years on sites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Retirement is the perfect time for downsizing, and getting rid of clutter and unused collectibles are some of the best ways to sell items you no longer use. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can make.

Final Thoughts on at home Jobs for Retirees

While many retirees may think that retirement is all about traveling and having the time to do whatever you want, the majority of seniors enjoy working with the flexibility to work as and when they want to.

Being able to do a work from home job is the best of both worlds as you can create a better work-life balance and still find time to do the things that you love. You can work in any industry such as insurance, health care, technology, education, and many others.

This list of work from home jobs for retirees should give you some great ideas on what you can do once you retire from working life. If you found this post useful why not share it with others who are also on the journey to retirement.

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6 Ways to Save and Invest Money for Kids




6 Ways to Save and Invest Money for Kids

Heather Q. says:

I love the Money Girl podcast! I just opened a 12-month CD for my daughter and plan to give her the money when she’s an adult. But I have about eight more years to save for her. Should I open new CDs as I save more, or should I add money to the same CD once it matures?

Thanks for your question, Heather! I know your daughter will be thrilled to have a financial leg up as she launches and becomes independent. If you also have children or are thinking about starting a family, it’s essential to get familiar with strategies and accounts that make it a little easier to save and invest for your kids.

This post will answer Heather’s question by reviewing six savings options and the pros and cons for each one. Plus, I’ll discuss when to begin saving for a child’s future and how it should fit into your big financial picture.

When should you begin saving for kids?

Being a parent means you’ve got plenty of expenses and maybe ongoing financial stress. You want the best for your children, but you also need to make wise decisions for your own future. While the cost of college seems to rise faster than hot air, we’re living longer and may have less Social Security retirement income to count on in the future. That means you likely need a bigger nest egg than you think.

My point is that you should never forgo saving for your retirement to pay for a kid’s college or any other significant expenses. Instead, create a financial plan that includes your retirement and savings for kids as soon as you start a family.

The sooner you begin saving for short- and long-term goals, the less stress you’ll feel in your budget and emotionally. If you get a late start and can’t afford to pay for a child’s education, don’t feel guilty about it. Remember, putting retirement first is in your entire family’s best interest.

If you sacrifice your financial security for your kids, you may find yourself relying on them to support you in your old age!

If you sacrifice your financial security for your kids, you may find yourself relying on them to support you in your old age! While it might seem coldhearted for a parent to refuse to pay for a child’s education, don’t forget that kids have options, such as working, getting scholarships, and taking out federal student loans.

But there no loans or grants to support you after you stop working. If you’re less than 20 years from retirement and haven’t reached 80% of your savings goal, stay exclusively focused on building your retirement nest egg.

Again, shore up your financial well-being first, even if that means saving nothing or less than you’d like for your kids….

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Months after losing job, woman still waiting on VEC: ‘I deserve my money’




RICHMOND, Va. — The Virginia Employment Commission is leaving hundreds, maybe thousands, of Virginians in the lurch by not processing their claims in a timely fashion.

Renita Hall knows this experience first-hand.

“I tried to call them to get in contact with them, that was in December,” Hall said. “It’s now April, and I have not received a bit of money and they take my claim every week.”

It’s a common problem heard over and over again. Virginians laid off during the pandemic apply for their unemployment benefits, and then wait. And wait.

“They got an answering machine thing that tells you that you can talk to a live person,” Hall said. “You’ll get on the line, and once you wait about 45 minutes to an hour, it cuts right off so you never talk to anyone.”

Hall was a full-time employee at a Walmart store in Ashland who was laid off at the end of last year.

Her application for benefits would seem to be straightforward: Anne Hatfield, Walmart’s Global Director of Communications, confirmed Hall’s job status. When Hatfield was asked via email, “Would you advise that I seek a response from VA’s Employment Commission as to what might be holding up her benefits?” replied, “Yes, since this is about VA, not Walmart.”

When that information was relied to VEC’s spokeswoman Joyce Fogg back on April 7, she did not respond.

The pattern of the VEC’s inaction has been noted by financial data website WalletHub, which says Virginia’s response time to employment claims is near the worst in the nation.

“Virginia unfortunately, has kept that same outdated system intact, and is now dealing with the same types of lag times [that they had early on],” said Jill Gonzalez, a senior analyst at WalletHub. “In fact, the lag times have been increased exponentially, because the number of people trying to file has also increased.”

That is why, four months and a day after her layoff and unemployment benefits application, Renita Hall is still waiting. Even with some of the legwork such as checking with her former employer already done.

“It’s been very stressful,” said Hall.” I can’t sleep because I try to get up early in the morning to be one of the first callers. I want my money, I deserve my money and I’ve been waiting. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t answer a person’s call or after you wait 45 minutes to talk to someone. It just cuts off, you talk to no one like they don’t even care.”

CBS 6 has asked repeatedly for a chance to sit down and talk with VEC Commissioner Ellen Marie Hess over the past several weeks.

And just like the hundreds of viewers who tell us they’ve not gotten any answers, we are still waiting for a response from Commissioner Hess’s office.

CBS 6 News is working for you. Click here to email a tip to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers. Be sure to leave us your name, phone number and detailed description of the problem. You can also leave a message by calling 804-254-3672.

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How to Spend and Invest Money in Ways That Contribute to Self Worth




How to Spend and Invest Money in Ways That Contribute to Self Worth

We all tend to have one common goal in life, and that is to make enough money to live comfortably and support the ones we love. There is a lot of talk about making money, and how to get rich quick, and all other outlandish attitudes surrounding money-making, but where is all the conversation about spending money? As someone who started investing in myself earlier in life, one thing I learned is how to spend my money wisely and how to invest further in myself, my business, and in areas that contribute to something of importance.

I became successful in my business at a very young age. When I was 16, I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, and it changed my life. The book allowed me to look into my financial future, and I realized that people put themselves into boxes and fail to believe that they can be the ones to break through barriers in life. For me, I asked myself one simple question that changed everything – “why shouldn’t it be me?” Three years later, I find myself with a successful 7-figure business and a good idea of how to spend and invest in myself and my business to set myself up for future financial success.

What’s taught to us as a society is that we need to make money. It is drilled into our heads that making money is extremely important in life, however, what people fail to talk about enough is how to make money work for you & spend that money properly and invest in yourself. Part of the secret to my success and what I’ve learned so far is that common expression “you have to spend money to make money.”

Education is the Best Investment You Can Make

Warren Buffett once said, “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.” Investing in your education is investing in yourself. Knowledge is power, and you have the ability to acquire knowledge through educating yourself. Whether it be through books, courses, schooling, online YouTube tutorials, or through news publications, acquire knowledge and never stop.

Everyone also has different skills. As Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The modern-day school system is throwing kids off course. If you are someone who has a more creative brain, and you are forced into taking science curriculum that doesn’t make sense to you, how is this bettering you and setting you up for a successful future? The answer is that it’s not. Everyone has genius in them, but genius comes in many forms. Just because you underperform in school does not mean that you are not smart.

Investing in your education means taking your education into your own hands and building on the skills you already have or are interested in learning. I believe that education is the basis of how most of the problems in the world can be fixed. If you can be educated on only the topics that you genuinely care about instead of what the school system is telling you that you should care about, then you will have more confidence in yourself to aim for the stars in life. Never stop learning, and never stop investing in your version of education.

Invest Back into Your Business

You spend all your time and effort building a successful business, and now it is time to nurture it. Treat your business like you would treat yourself and invest in it. Building my business did not happen overnight and sustaining a business can be just as hard as getting started. When I saw that my business was taking off, I educated myself on how to best spend the money I was making, and the answer I kept seeing was that I needed to invest in my business.

The more you invest into your business, the better your business will run, and the higher likelihood that your business will sustain its profitability. If you have a team of employees who are working for you, and you are paying them fairly and offering them benefits and incentives, they will only work harder and be more satisfied and driven to push your business forward. Invest in your business, your employees and yourself, and your business will continue to thrive.

I became successful at a very young age because I was open to education, investing in myself, and investing in my future. I am open to all of the ways I can spend and invest my money wisely, and if you are open to it, you will become a successful spender as well.

This content was originally published here.

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